Making Base Housing Feel Like Home

I don’t know if you feel like I do, but I love the possibility of a blank canvas when moving into a new house, but I am also always intimidated to put my stamp on it while we are here.

Often times we chose to live in base housing for more reasons than we just love the homes there. Often reasons are convenience to work, potentially saving money, or feeling a strong sense of community. But the characteristics of the houses themselves are often not high on the list. Newer houses have more conveniences like faux hardwood floors, bathrooms that aren’t tiled from floor to ceiling, but they are generic and you can walk in any house in the neighborhood and its basically the same, until you move all your stuff in and make it a home.

With not much natural character in the house it really is up to you to put your decorative stamp on it! Making it feel cozy and inviting. Someplace you feel comfortable and looking forward, hopefully, to coming home at the end of the day.

I am by no means an interior decorator, and my house will never be on the cover of a magazine- I mean I do have a 1 year old who can sense something has been cleaned a mile away and b-lines for it to release her chaos, but I will say while it is not picture perfect, it is homey and cozy and I think that counts more.

Tips for Making Base Housing Feel Like Home

  • Don’t take too long to unpack your boxes.

Yes unpacking sucks, I hate emptying boxes, I don’t like the mess of empty boxes and packing paper thrown all over the place as the process goes. Putting furniture together is no fun. But the satisfying feeling of everything having a home helps you feel like you belong there. That this is just not a place you are passing through, it is your home for however brief and you’ll feel less stressed and more settled if you just buckle down and do it.

  • Hang Pictures

Again it isn’t fun in the moment but it definitely makes it feel like home when you have things up on the wall- art, pictures, shelves. Frame photos and display your knick-knacks that you unpacked.

  • Just put things in a space, it is ok to rearrange later

Sometimes you may feel like you have to come up with the perfect arrangement of furniture before we really begin. Sometimes it just takes starting to get you motivated. The more that gets done the more motivated you will feel the more get done. If things aren’t working out just move it around later, but at least you’ve started

  • Get to know your Neighbors

I know this does not have to do with your house itself, but I feel much more at home when I get out and know people in my area. I am a social person, so having people around that are friendly faces helps me feel at home in a new area. This has especially helped having a little monkey to help make friends with other moms!

So now that you’ve gotten started on unpacking your house, I would love to hear about what makes you feel most at home when you make it to your new duty station after each PCS?

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