Helping Baby and Daddy Bond

From the time babies are born, they need their mom- whether you’re nursing or not there is something so innate in a baby to need mom. And sometimes that leads to dad feeling pushed out. This feeling is even more amplified when dad is deployed during those formative months of babies life.

Since the hubby has been home I have had to be very conscious not to interfere when he does something differently with her than I would. I don’t want to block his time with her. Sometimes we as moms can do that so easily, especially us stay at home moms who throughout the day are responsible for the day to day happenings. We have to let Dad find his own groove with the baby. And you as mom can facilitate that!

Here are some helpful hints to help create the space for dad and baby to bond:

Step out of the room

Babies are creatures of comfort and habit. You, mom, are their safe space and what they are used to. If baby won’t pay attention to dad while you’re around step out of the room. Go shower, lay down and rest, practice your hobby, do some cleaning (my least favorite but always the most practical).

Give them their own thing

Since coming home the hubby has almost completely taken over bath time and even some bedtime rocking. She loves playing in the bath with Daddy and its a special time just for the two of them to have fun together. Or snuggle together. But its their time. And after spending all day with her it’s nice to have a break- even if its just to get the evening chores done in the kitchen.

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