Fall Date Ideas

Ya’ll This is the first place I have ever lived that actually has a Fall season that lasts more than 3 days! It gets cool in the morning and at night! The days aren’t humid and muggy, and while its still warm out, its definitely not hot! It is such a great time of the year and it is so beautiful out! Now whether you’re in my boat and have a baby in tow, or you’re just a newly married couple or you’re lucky enough that you can leave your baby with a sitter Fall offers great date ideas that can be enjoyed by families and couples alike!

Here are my top ideas for for fall date ideas!:

Go Apple Picking!

Who doesn’t love fresh apples or even better yet fresh apple baked goods. When the weather is cool and comfortable to be outside finding fun ways to get outside is the best yet!

Pumpkin Patch

Ah tis the season for Pumpkin everything. I am very firmly in team pumpkin spice. It is the most flavorful time of the year! SO naturally a trip to the pumpkin patch to check out where these beauties are grown. While you’re there pick out the perfect carving pumpkin. Which leads me to date #3

Pumpkin Carving Contest

What is better than a little friendly competition in a relationship. Time to breakout your game face and the best carving pattern and knives and get down to work!

A Baking Contest

After the kiddos have gone to sleep put your game face on in the kitchen and go for it. Have a Fall Treat Bake Off! This wins one multiple levels- kid free fun without paying for a sitter, fun with your hubby, and you get to try not just one but TWO tastey treats at the end!

Find a Beautiful Park and Stroll through the Fall Leaves

We are still new to the area, so we are getting out and exploring. Checking out the parks in your area can be a great way to explore and see all the fabulous fall leaves!


No matter how you slice it or dice it the weather outside is beautiful, so get out and take advantage! And get some time together as a family, a couple, mommy and me, daddy dates whatever it is! But get outside!


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