And Then There Were 3… Again!

It sounds like a pregnancy announcement, but its not! It might be even better than a pregnancy announcement. And I will shout it from the roof tops! He is home! No more video calls and time differences. No more care packages, emails, and letters! From now on it is just couch snuggles, 5am wake up partner (Thanks to a small little someone who won’t sleep), forever dinner date, and days spent together.

But Whew! Its been a crazy crazy few weeks. I will be a happy woman when we can say this PCS is officially over! it has been nearly a month since we technically started this PCS when the hubs left Korea to finally join the Little Miss and I in Hawaii before we headed off on our whirlwind vacation.

When you go home and nobody has met the newest member of your family it makes life crazy with all the people who want to meet your newest little bundle- even if she is already almost 10 months old! But guys we did it! And now we are sitting in our empty home waiting on our household goods.

But regardless of how difficult moving and traveling may be, nothing compares to that moment you see them get off that plane again! It is one of the most wonderful feelings ever! Homecoming is like what I imagine going on a blind date to be like. Tummy full of butterflies, excited, nervous, searching the crowd for the right person! And then you see them and your heart skips a beat. All the worries melt away and relief sweeps your body!

It’s a honeymoon phase all over again! And you just want to soak it all up before reality of daily life begins to settle in. Before they go back to work, before you move, before you start all over again!

What I want to say about the honeymoon phase is to enjoy it. the reintegration¬†phase of homecoming can be stressful. Both of ya’ll are try to come back into a new normal. It has not what you’ve been used to while they were away. It is not what they have been used to while gone. And it is not the normal from before he left. You have to adapt and find a new normal and that can be a difficult process.

But to make it through that reintegration phase enjoying the honeymoon period can refresh your soul enough to make it through the rough transition of reintegration.

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