When the Countdown is On

Homecoming is right around the corner! It is totally normal to be anxious as homecoming approaches. Here are some tips to managing that anxiety.

We are less than a month from homecoming! And after 11 months, 335 days, countless hours and endless baby milestones my patience and emotions seem to be running rampant (personally I think my emotions somehow found a way to steal every ounce of patience with this situation I have left!).

At first it left me super confused. I have handled most things- big and small over the last year with a good amount of grace. At least I think I have. But as soon as we crossed a thresh hold of it actually being close, all of the sudden I feel like a hot mess. I thought the rampant emotions would have been reserved for when he was leaving, I had my fair share of those. Then again I was 7 months pregnant at the time! But I am coming to realize that homecoming jitters come well before the night before they arrive.

We are under a month out and while the last 11 months flew by these weeks seem to be dragging and it is taking its toll. I am exhausted- emotionally and mentally from tackling so much alone. And with a PCS coming up as soon as he returns the amount of adulting I am doing has exponentially increased over the last few weeks from coordinating movers, finding housing, car shopping on the East Coast while in Hawaii, managing vacation schedules so we can assure we see everyone and let everyone meet the baby while we are on leave. The list seems endless

So what are we to do with all these pre-homecoming jitters??

1. Prepare for the Homecoming

Homecomings are so exciting! And whether you do signs, special outfits, a photographer, deep cleaning the house, making all their favorites food, hair & nail appointments. Whatever it is go ahead and just knock yourself out. Do anything that you think will help make you more comfortable! It will help ease those nerves. Also it keeps your hands busy! This will help work out some of those jitters too.

2. Know that it is Normal

Sometimes we get jittery and nervous because we feel like we are the only ones who feel that way. Normalizing the feeling of nervousness surrounding homecoming needs to happen. While sure we are excited to get our love back, we have also gone from doing everything alone for who knows how long to having them back around 100% of the time again. And that is going to be different. So it is normal to be nervous.

3. Let Go of Expectations

Just like after you start a relationship, get married, or move in together, there is a honeymoon period to homecoming bliss. And while you are preparing for the homecoming you are probably setting up expectations of what your time will be like, and also for what will happen after the honeymoon period begins to fade. But this will just set you up for disappointments that could potentially turn into resentment. Maybe they don’t begin to pick up on all the chores they left behind right away and you’re still doing them even though you were so excited to be done with that chore after they returned. Leave those expectations behind and homecoming will be a much smoother transition.


Homecoming is right around the corner! It is totally normal to be anxious as homecoming approaches. Here are some tips to managing that anxiety.

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