Spring Has Sprung: Regaining Mental Clarity as Winter Fog Lifts

Spring is here and now is the time the winter fog is lifting. Green is returning to the world and flowers are blooming. We can let is stay there or we can take advantage of the renewing season. We can renew our mind and attitudes- seeking mental clarity.

Ah spring has arrived! Hopefully we can push through this last small cold front we all seem to be experiencing and getting into the most beautiful iconic spring weather!

I am ready for shorts and tanks again (ok I know Hawaii is always this kind of weather but I am weathering the end of winter here in Korea, totally unprepared for the snow we just experienced). I miss my shorts and flip-flops. The earth is in bloom again- grass turns green, flowers bloom, trees grow their leaves again. We are all coming out of our winter drearyness ready to take on the world refreshed. At least that is how I have always viewed spring.

We recently had our family pictures taken and we were talking to the photographer about what dreary weather this winter was in Korea (thankfully I escaped the majority and am just riding out the tail-end). But winter can feel heavy- its cold and dreary making it difficult to get out of the house. Even in places like Hawaii where it is warmer in the winter it is the rainy season that can get you trapped in the house. This is even more so with a little one in tow.

But Spring gives you a new fresh breath ready to take on the world renewed. To me it is more renewing than the start of a new year. Granted I have never been one for winter. Summer is my season always has been, and probably always will be- I am a true southern girl at heart.

Anyway… I think the awakening of the Earth is a wonderful time to mentality and emotionally awaken finding clarity to continue through the year. Just go up to Alaska where they have only a few daylight hours a day in the winter time and you will find a much higher incidence rate of SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder) than in southern cities like Miami for example. People need daylight and sunshine. Beyond the fact that our bodies need Vitamin D- which other than supplements only comes form sunlight, sunshine and beautiful weather just seems to give you a pep in your step.

So as Spring rolls in fighting with greater and greater force here are some things you can to do enter spring with renewed clarity:


Spring Cleaning is a thing for a reason.

There is a reason everyone talks about spring cleaning. Spring cleaning brings a refreshing to your home. Whether you use it as a purge to get rid of all unwanted or unneeded items or just a good scrub down so everything is fresh, cleaning can be a great way to get a fresh start. I don’t know about you but I love when my house is clean- even though I whole heartedly admit to hate cleaning, I love the final product. I never feel rested even if I am resting if when I look around my house it feels messy. It begins to give me anxiety. So getting up cleaning my house- finishing the dishes, putting away the laundry, scrubbing the toilets, and cleaning the floors all give me deeper and deeper sense of refreshment. I list this first because if you are like me then I can’t give in and enjoy or re-evaluate my goals with that hanging over me.

Get outside and Enjoy

Spring is a beautiful time. This year I am lucky enough to be in South Korea during Cherry Blossom season. I am so excited to get to see the cherry blossoms bloom. Based on the pictures I have seen from friends and years past it is truly a spectacular sight to see. But everywhere has something that makes getting outside more enjoyable in the spring time. In Hawaii the rain lifts, in the south flowers of all type bloom, there are baby animals all over you might get to catch a glimpse of! It truly is magical. So get out and enjoy. This will also give you the much needed dosage of Vitamin D you might have been missing all summer.

Regain focus by Creating/Reevaluating Goals

Maybe you made goals in January or New Years Resolutions. But maybe you have gotten off track. I know I have. But as the world begins to renew itself, it can be a wonderful opportunity to regain your focus by creating or re-evaluating the goals you already made. It is also a quarter of the way through the year. So how have you done? What do you need to go to continue to meet your goals? Do you need to get back on track? Make some mini-goals to help you get there.

 God Intended Spring to Be a Renewing

Whether you are religious or not, you can’t deny that spring is an awakening seasoning. The plants bloom, chicks hatch, baby animals are born. More animals give birth in the spring than any other season. Easter is also a quintessential Spring holiday. It is the ultimate spring awakening and renewing. Our lives can be renewed through Christ who was brought back to life. You can’t get more renewed than that! But because God intended it to be so, he will provide you ways to find refreshment and clarity as we leave winter behind and enjoy the wonderful World He gave us!

Spring is here and now is the time the winter fog is lifting. Green is returning to the world and flowers are blooming. We can let is stay there or we can take advantage of the renewing season. We can renew our mind and attitudes- seeking mental clarity.

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