Coming Soon: We are Pregnant!

We have another big announcement for us over at Adventures of a Young Wife

This week I have a special announcement to make. So far 2017 has been a year of great challenges and change for our little family. First we finally got word that My husband was switching branches within the Army to avoid Medical Discharge (YAY!!!)! But with that came an unaccompanied assignment to Korea, and I would spend the year with my family. This meant a big move for us (more on that later…)!

But then we got an even bigger surprise!

We found out we are expecting our very first baby!


I found out I was pregnant just before St. Patrick’s Day! I took the opportunity to surprise my hubby with the news in a fun way.

He came home from work and found this on the kitchen counter! Of course I miscalculated the due date by a month! He came home and couldn’t believe it! We had been planning for this baby of course and were thrilled that it was here! We qucikly began planning how we were going to tell our families.  since my family is farther away I knew it would be harder to pull of a cute surprise for them! But we set to work on making sure we could get all of his family together for Easter Weekend! And with a little bit of work, we finally got there! I made Easter baskets for all of them with an extra special surprise! Of course I filled them with chocolate (because seriously, what is an Easter basket without some really good chocolate.) And one egg had a surprise pacifier in it!

It took a bit, but finally everyone got our surprise!

I would love to be able to tell you that this has been the easiest pregnancy ever, I mean it only seems fair on some level with everything else we have going on!

But that would be far from the truth. I was pretty sick, and so lethargic that some days just getting out of bed and coming downstairs would zap the remaining energy that I had. I had zero appetite for many weeks and was sustained on peanut butter toast and blueberry muffins for a few weeks (not the healthiest). And my poor husband lost  much help around the house with the cleaning and cooking!

Thankfully as far as husband’s go (in my entirely biased opinion) I have one of the best! So he easily picked up some of the slack, as we started into our crazy PCS last month.

Not only was has this pregnancy been hard physically so far, it has also been hard emotionally in many ways.  As exciting as this pregnancy has been so far, it has been quite an emotional pregnancy, knowing that my hubby will miss so much of our babies first year!

It is hard knowing that I will be bringing our baby into the world on my own (well with my parents) and that grandma and grandpa will be a bigger influence in our babies first year than his or her own daddy. And how to I reconcile that. How do I help my husband feel included and an influence in the babies life without having to be present 24/7. While we grapple with these realities that military life has thrown our way we can’t be more thrilled to start celebrating this life!

We have another big announcement over here at Adventures of a Young Wife! And we can't wait to continue sharing this journey with yall!

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  1. Congratulations!! Ah this is so exciting! I’m sorry the first trimester was/has been such a rough go. I always heard that it’s all about survival, which is pretty accurate. Ha! One of my close friends (who we threw a baby shower for Saturday that I blogged about) is due in August and her husband deploys three weeks later. She is feeling all of the emotions you are. In the military, there’s unfortunately never a good time to have a baby, but the you’ll get to love and kiss and raise this little life for the rest of yours. 🙂 Happy for you!

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