Hiding Pregnancy When Morning Sickness is Overbearing

Sometimes morning sickness strikes beofre you are ready to share the news of your pregnancy, so here are some ways to help mamange your morning sickness so you can function

Now that the cat is out of the bag with our big pregnancy announcement, I can now share my top tips for hiding early pregnancy while being extremely nauseous. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to hid my pregnancy when I felt just awful.

I hate being nauseous, I mean I don’t know anyone who likes it. But I hate it almost more than anything. So when I lost my appetite at just 6 weeks and had pretty severe nausea by 7 weeks I realized I was in trouble. There were so many nights I watched my hubby sit helpless on the couch just wanting to help me feel better, but I had no idea how to help him help me!

If there was a Pinterest article on morning sickness, you can bet that I read it, not just once but twice combing through every detail for assistance. To be honest I don’t know if anything truly helped, but somewhere along the way it did get better. And eventually I woke up one morning and magically felt 100% better.

But in the mean time I had to at least function on the most basic level. I had to occasionally go grocery shopping, I had babysitting to do, friends to see, and deal with our impending move.

So Here is my list of things to do when you have to function despite the nausea:

  • Try peppermint tea, or lemon ginger tea. Both of these were saviors for me when I was feeling yucky.
  • Sea Bands, you know those motion sickness bands. Well as unflattering as they look they worked. Whether it was a placebo affect or they were actually helpful I don’t know but I am willing to accept any reason for help. P.s. though if you spend a lot of time around other moms this might be a give-away (many women at PWOC totally caught on because of these!)
  • Tums, lots and lots of tums. And if the chalky flavor gets to you buy the chewy ones.
  • Gummy pre-natal vitamins were a savior in the early weeks
  • Eat whatever you can, being hungry makes it infinitely worse!
  • Sleep whenever you can, this might be more difficult if you have more than one kid already or a real job but whenever I felt really bad I would just lay down and close my eyes
  • Do Something to distract yourself. As much as I did NOT feel like leaving the house some days, I could tell a huge difference on days when I got out of the house and was active (I babysat alot), those days were always much better.
  • Smells were difficult for me! So I diffused Lemon and Peppermint Essential Oils in the room to help the room smell clean! This was so helpful! I love the Jade Bloom Brand of oils! They are safe and pure like Young Living or Doterra, but affordable!

Products I loved that helped me through!

So there you have it, my tips for managing nausea so that you can function on a basic level, helping to hide your pregnancy if you are not ready to share with the world!

What did you do to help manage your morning sickness?

Sometimes morning sickness strikes beofre you are ready to share the news of your pregnancy, so here are some ways to help mamange your morning sickness so you can function

When Hotel Living is not as Romantic as you Expected

Hotel Living may sound roamntic, but when you stop to think about it, it definitely has its downsides!

As some of ya’ll know I am also a monthly contributor to the Army Wife Network. This week I wrote about the struggles of living long term in a hotel (without a kitchenette- so it’s definitely not a hotel design for extended stays).  When we found out he was going to have a TDY to Fort Jackson, we were a bit excited because this home for us. His parents are about 45 minutes away, I grew up just over an hour away. So it was a no brainer that I would come with him especially since at the end of his time here we would be heading separate directions for about a year.

When his mom found out we would be so close she immediately set to work fixing up his childhood bedroom so everything would be perfect for our stay. But since it is a TDY he is being housed at a hotel here on Post. Granted its not the best hotel (read: converted barracks), but it wasn’t intended to house a family, or even a couple. Oh well. So I being the naive young army wife that I am, and trying to make life easier for my husband since his commute would be awful we decided that we would stay at the hotel rather than with his  parents, and I thought it would be like a nice little get-away.

Boy was I wrong! I mean  don’t get me wrong. I love that we are getting this time together, that we don’t have to be apart an extra three months. We get endless date nights (we have no kitchen so we have no choice but to go out), but even that gets old especially when you enjoy being in the kitchen anyway. Plus, pregnancy cravings can be quite difficult to squelch when you can’t make your own food!

Anywho, there are so many things that make long term hotel living extremely difficult that I never would have thought of. Such as no dishes. We have a mini-fridge and a microwave. The breakfast solution seemed easy. Oatmeal and cereal. All you need for those is milk or water. Except, when I went to pour my bowl of cereal, I quickly realized we had no bowls. So I improvised, the paper coffee cups they give for the coffee maker would work just fine. Thankfully I realized before I poured the milk in there that I didn’t have a spoon. So dried cereal it was till I swiped some spoons from Cold Stone later that weekend.

If you are interested in checking out more of my antics from hotel living be sure to hop on over to the Army Wife Network and check out my latest post there.

Hotel Living may sound roamntic, but when you stop to think about it, it definitely has its downsides!

When is Anxiety more than just normal anxiety?

We all experience anxiety in our lives, its a normal reaction to difficult situations we face. But sometimes for some people anxiety goes beyond the normal levels, this is considered an anxiety disorder. Here are some easy ways to help determine if what you experience is normal or when you might need some more help in managing your anxiety.

Anxiety is a natural, and necessary part of life. Without it we would never feel pressured to get something done. There would be nothing lighting a fire under us to keep us moving. So, anxiety is a good thing. In fact, stress can be divided up into two components: distress – the negative kind of stress we all know and no so much love. And Eustress. Eustress is a good kind of stress; it is motivating. Without it we would get nowhere. But what happens when stress and anxiety begin to take over every inch of our life. We become paralyze by anxiety and so it keeps us stagnant in a constant state of worry and panic that no matter what we choose to do, something terrible will happen.

This is called an anxiety disorder- and there are several types: panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, and phobias. Having an anxiety disorder is totally different to experiencing anxiety. But so often we fail to realize the difference. We may experience a great deal of anxiety. For example, as military spouses we are constantly faced with anxiety: where is my husband? Is he safe? When will he get home? But unless the anxiety we feel from that uncertainty becomes crippling, we don’t really have an anxiety disorder.

And if we don’t begin to learn the difference between everyday anxiety and an anxiety disorders than those who need more help, will never go get it. In today’s society we have so normalized feeling anxious. We have anxious children, and we talk about being anxious over this or that. And for most people after the stressful event is over our anxiety is gone. But what about the rest of the people, the ones who are so anxious they can’t leave their house, even though from the outside it looks as though all things are clear? If we don’t talk about what it isn’t normal, then we will never know when we need help and how to get better. And it is so important to know when to get help; because anxiety disorders are 100% treatable.

This is not to make your fears and worries any less valid. Being a military spouse is hard and full of anxiety provoking events and we can learn to cope with that. In fact, if you are interested in learning more ways to reduce anxiety, I wrote a guest post here are my Top 10 Ways Military Spouses Can Reduce Anxiety.

Unfortunately, because of military life, military spouses are more likely than their civilian counterparts to being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. While anxiety disorders are treatable, we must recognize the difference between experiencing anxiety and having an anxiety disorder. So what are some signs and symptoms that you might be experiencing more than just anxiety?

The anxiety you feel…

  • … prevents you from leaving you house;
  • … prevents you from being able to make decisions;
  • … causes you to become isolated;
  • … avoiding all situations associated with anxiety (e.g. you quit running because the elevated heart rate reminds you of the way you feel when anxious);
  • … excessive fear or anxiety that is disproportionate to the event;
  • … evidence of avoidant behaviors- becoming isolated;
  • … last for more than six months;
  • … and, you find yourself fearful and worried even when nothing is wrong.

These are signs that maybe you need to get further help to manage your anxiety because it is more than just the normal stress we feel from day to day.

What to do if you think you have an Anxiety Disorder?

So now that we know what to look for, where do we turn when we believe we need help? Thankfully the military has lots of resources to help family members get the help they need. And most of these resources are free and confidential. One of my top recommendations are the Family Life Chaplains. These chaplains, unlike the unit chaplains, are trained as family counselors. Not only that but there is the added benefit of more confidentiality because they are removed from husband’s unit as they are centrally located typically to serve all units on a post.

If you are uncomfortable seeing a religious leader, Military Family Life Consultants (or MFLCs) are another wonderful, free, confidential service that is provided. They are independent contractors and are licensed clinical social workers or counselors. They don’t bill tri-care so no records are kept. These are the two I am most familiar with- however there is also behavioral health doctors who can help, especially if medication is required to manage your anxiety. Family Advocacy Program (FAP) also has many resources for families, but these do vary from post to post.

If you are looking for alternative help, online therapy has been growing in popularity. Better Help is an online mental health resource that has articles about all sorts of issues that may help with anxiety. They even have online therapy resources.

However you decide to seek help, no that you are not alone, so many military spouses struggle with anxiety, I mean it is hard not to with all the decisions we have to make for our families day in and day out.

We all experience anxiety in our lives, its a normal reaction to difficult situations we face. But sometimes for some people anxiety goes beyond the normal levels, this is considered an anxiety disorder. Here are some easy ways to help determine if what you experience is normal or when you might need some more help in managing your anxiety.

Coming Soon: We are Pregnant!

We have another big announcement for us over at Adventures of a Young Wife

This week I have a special announcement to make. So far 2017 has been a year of great challenges and change for our little family. First we finally got word that My husband was switching branches within the Army to avoid Medical Discharge (YAY!!!)! But with that came an unaccompanied assignment to Korea, and I would spend the year with my family. This meant a big move for us (more on that later…)!

But then we got an even bigger surprise!

We found out we are expecting our very first baby!


I found out I was pregnant just before St. Patrick’s Day! I took the opportunity to surprise my hubby with the news in a fun way.

He came home from work and found this on the kitchen counter! Of course I miscalculated the due date by a month! He came home and couldn’t believe it! We had been planning for this baby of course and were thrilled that it was here! We qucikly began planning how we were going to tell our families.  since my family is farther away I knew it would be harder to pull of a cute surprise for them! But we set to work on making sure we could get all of his family together for Easter Weekend! And with a little bit of work, we finally got there! I made Easter baskets for all of them with an extra special surprise! Of course I filled them with chocolate (because seriously, what is an Easter basket without some really good chocolate.) And one egg had a surprise pacifier in it!

It took a bit, but finally everyone got our surprise!

I would love to be able to tell you that this has been the easiest pregnancy ever, I mean it only seems fair on some level with everything else we have going on!

But that would be far from the truth. I was pretty sick, and so lethargic that some days just getting out of bed and coming downstairs would zap the remaining energy that I had. I had zero appetite for many weeks and was sustained on peanut butter toast and blueberry muffins for a few weeks (not the healthiest). And my poor husband lost  much help around the house with the cleaning and cooking!

Thankfully as far as husband’s go (in my entirely biased opinion) I have one of the best! So he easily picked up some of the slack, as we started into our crazy PCS last month.

Not only was has this pregnancy been hard physically so far, it has also been hard emotionally in many ways.  As exciting as this pregnancy has been so far, it has been quite an emotional pregnancy, knowing that my hubby will miss so much of our babies first year!

It is hard knowing that I will be bringing our baby into the world on my own (well with my parents) and that grandma and grandpa will be a bigger influence in our babies first year than his or her own daddy. And how to I reconcile that. How do I help my husband feel included and an influence in the babies life without having to be present 24/7. While we grapple with these realities that military life has thrown our way we can’t be more thrilled to start celebrating this life!

We have another big announcement over here at Adventures of a Young Wife! And we can't wait to continue sharing this journey with yall!