Where Anxiety Comes from & Why it Won’t go Away

Where does Anxiety Come from & How we can make it go awat

We always think, once that test I over, once my husband gets home from deployment, TDY, the field; my kid grows out of this phase then I won’t be anxious any more. As soon as that event ends and we think we can relax. We just find something else to be anxious about. Why can’t we just relax? Well I will tell you.

The reason we have so much anxiety in our lives is because the society we live in perpetuates it. Just watch any TV commercial it will tell you all about the products you are missing out on and that you just have to have, and you will see that it is breeding grounds for feeling like we are missing out. We are constantly comparing our lives to everyone around us, who we assume always has everything perfectly together. And we suddenly feel very inadequate. Sure, come January first and we are making our new year’s resolution we will vow not to compare ourselves to other, but January 2nd rolls around and we go to a friend’s house and their house is already un-decorated, put away and cleaned. And we go home to our house filled with boxes of unfinished, unorganized Christmas decorations and we fall back into the trap.

So what can we do about this vicious cycle? Because we are imperfect people, we will never rid our lives of anxiety fully, but if we recognize the cycle and can identify it in our own lives then we can get one step closer to living peacefully alongside our anxiety. Wait what did you just say you might ask? Living peacefully alongside anxiety? That sounds like an oxymoron. In some ways maybe. There is always going to be a new product out. Our friends will always be doing something different from us. We are always going to have that anxiety in our lives; and that’s ok. It is how we respond to our anxiety that determines whether or not we live peacefully.

Often we think we are in the wrong for feeling anxious, because everyone hides their anxiety from everyone else; trying to pretend it doesn’t exist. By acknowledging it we gain power of it, we are no longer acting out of anxious reactivity we can choose how we respond to the anxiety. Reactivity to anxiety is what keeps us in the falsehood of as soon as the circumstances change our anxiety will lift; keeps us constantly purchasing the next “it” item of clothing, make-up, toy for our child; it’s what keeps us constantly looking for something else to satisfy our void. Reactivity will never make our anxiety go away it will just shift the focus of our anxiety. Recognizing our anxiety, operating knowing that we have control over it means freedom.

We own our anxiety by recognizing that its present and choosing to act despite it. It is the push to try something new, dare to be different, and own and accept your life for what it is and what God has given to you. Way easier said than done I agree; however, with prayer, patience, and knowing we aren’t always going to get it right we can live peacefully alongside our anxiety instead of imprisoned by its constraints.

After we recognize our anxiety what are we supposed to do about it? Here is where our coping skills come into play. Below I have linked to another post all about coping skills. I wanted to talk about one in particular that seems to be helpful for just about everybody. And that is talking to someone! A lot of us have someone we can trust that we can turn to. But sometimes that person may be gone thanks to Military Life. If you are looking for someone to talk to and don’t know where to turn, Better Help has some great suggestions.

Here are some more handy coping skills when you’re struggling with anxiety!

We all face some anxiety, some of us more than others. But despite our levels of anxiety if we don;t know how to address it we can never learn how to live with our anxiety.

15 thoughts on “Where Anxiety Comes from & Why it Won’t go Away

  1. This was a great post. I completely agree. I think we have more issues than ever with anxiety because we are constantly exposed to so many things…good news, bad news, products, etc. It seems that we are never turned off. I know for me, just bringing my mind captive to Christ, acknowledging the anxiety and claiming his word, has really helped to reduce that fight or flight feeling. It also helps to get back in contact with His creation by taking a walk, sitting in a sunny window or whatever. Thanks for posting this. So needed by so many.

  2. This is all so true. I am dealing with some major anxiety now for the last month, do you mind if I keep this page to make some notes from it that will help me

    1. Aleida, If you are looking for more, see some of my other posts such as 15 Healthy Coping Skills and even some over under the guest post tab! Hope these are helpful for you

  3. I take a deep breath and try to figure out what is the lie at the root of the anxiety, and what the Bible says instead. Sometimes my anxiety wrecks me; so I breathe, I ground myself, and I force myself to talk though it so I don’t let it overwhelm me. Some things cause me less anxiety than other things, and I’m not ALWAYS anxious, but I loved the truths in your post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Maria, I am glad you enjoyed this post! If you are looking for more on anxiety I wrote another piece, 15 Healthy Coping Skills! Deep breathing and turning to the truth are wonderful ways to gain power over our anxiety

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